Time To Go!

Tl;dr – Taxi, busy train, plane, train, super luxury hotel.

Ready, steady, go! We set off to the station with our bags ready to burst. I had opted to stick to hand luggage only but Kate bought herself a big new pink rucksack. This meant she got to carry all of our toiletries so she could check them in. This made her bag twice the size and twice the weight of mine.

First transport was a short taxi ride to the station. The driver told me my Uber rating is low and I was gutted. I had been living in denial believing I was a 5* passenger but apparently I’m a mere 4.4.

 Got to the station, grabbed some juice and a coffee and went to the platform to find hundreds of people on the platform. First train came and went and the platform didn’t really empty. Turns out there were cancellations on London trains which had caused a big backlog of passengers going via Manchester. We squeezed on and swam through the crowd to find our booked seats (the only 2 that were empty) but due to the wall of passengers the baggage racks were out of reach so mine went up top and Kate’s went on our (my) lap.

We got to the airport super early (about 2.5 hours) and once my legs started working again we checked in Kate’s bag and wandered through security. Kate sauntered through without incident but I left my belt on so I beeped. They didn’t frisk me but they swabbed my shoes and told me I was fine and presumably drug free. 

We had plenty of time for some grub and a pint before the flight and made our way to the gate, got on the plane and before we knew it we were in Denmark. We had looked to stay near the airport but it was full and Copenhagen was crazy expensive so we got the train over the bridge to Malmo in Sweden (pictured up top with my new fisheye phone attachment!) I had a free night from previous holidays booked through Hotels.com so we went for a suite in a 4* hotel for a small booking fee! 

The hotel lift and the backpacks

Our room is huge and the king size bed is a nice addition. Unfortunately this level of opulence won’t last long but we can enjoy it for now!


The stats

14:26 (GMT +1 (BST)) Uber taxi from our house to Leeds station: 11 minutes, £5.32

14:53 train to Manchester Airport Station: 1 hour 0 minutes, £13.80 (with 1 railcard)

18:38 (13 minute delay) Easyjet flight to Copenhagen: 1 hour 30 minutes (2 minutes ahead), £71.98

22:06 (GMT +2) train to Malmo Central: 30 minutes, £39.37

22:36 walk from Malmo Central Station to Master Johan Hotel: 8 minutes

Arrived 22:44

Total time in transit: 3 hours 19 minutes

Total travel time: 7 hours 18 minutes

Total cost: £130.47 (£65.24 each)


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