When We Popped Our Heads Up In Hiroshima

Tl;dr – walk, probably the right bus, sitting in the wrong seats, train, train, walk

[youtube https://youtu.be/KLQqTaSg-nI&w=560&h=315]

Kate was in charge of getting us to Hiroshima and we knew we needed local trains from Onimichi Station. Because we got the shinkansen, we had arrived into Shin-Onimichi, which is a seperate station, north of the city. I took charge of the bus part and was sure we needed the same bus that we got going in the other direction but this was mostly based on hope (and Google maps say so).

We walked to the bus stop via the big supermarket en route to get Kate some breakfast she could stomach. It was just as a bus turned up I realised we had no way of knowing whether there were multiple buses that stopped here and if so, if this was the correct bus.

We got on anyway, it was going in the right direction! We both sat in the front half of the bus due to convenience of having the extra room for our bags. Within a few stops we remembered how old the people of Onomichi are and as it got full and a poor old man with 2 walking sticks tried to crawl up to the back we got up and hauled our stuff to the back half.

We got to Shin-Onomichi and stopped at the “buses to Onimichi Station” stop so I was happy we were doing ok. At this stop an elderly couple (probably the village youths in Onomichi) got on and started chatting to Kate. I think he was yet another person who was very excited to use his English.

When we got to the station it was over to Kate to take the reigns. She got us 2 tickets on local trains and the boards in the station said we needed to travel one stop and change. As always with Japanese trains it was incredibly simple and everything worked on time.

Local trains are the older, squarer, much cheaper trains that stop at all the stations en route.

Because the shinkansen take a direct route they often travel through long tunnels. This combined with the speed and the raised barriers beside the track mean you often don’t get to see much out of your window. However our train to Hiroshima took a much more scenic route.

Once in Hiroshima we purchased some shinkansen tickets for the next day, making sure I got a window seat! The views may not have been great but you can see how fast you go, and you get a plug.

We had a comfortably short walk to our hostel and, despite being 5 minutes away at most, the directions were very thorough (unlike our Wise Owl Hostel directions in Tokyo!). We followed it to the letter and arrived no problem, ready to see the sights.

The stats

10:10 walk from Urashima Ryokan to 温泉口: 6 minutes

10:25 bus to Onomichi Station: 23 minutes, ¥600 (£4.51)

11:11 train to Itazaka: 8 minutes, ¥2,980 (£22.39) – combined with subsequent train

11:24 train to Hiroshima: 79 minutes, see previous

12:56 walk to Hana Hostel Hiroshima: 5 minutes

Arrived 13:01

Total time in transit: 2 hours 1 minute

Total travel time: 2 hours 51 minutes

Total cost: £26.90 (£13.45 each)


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