Off To Fukuoka

Tl;dr – walk, bullet train, bus, done

As the title suggests we were off to Fukuoka (pronounced Foo-quo-ka). The distance we covered was not insignificant (almost 300km) but it was (or should have been) so straightforward, as public transport should be.

We walked the 5 minutes to the shinkansen platform and saw a train to Hakata (the station in Fukuoka) but the boards informed us this was the 14:02 train and we needed the 14:09 one. At 14:07 ours turned up and was ready to board. Exactly 1 hour and 2 minutes after we left, we arrived in Hakata.

We left the station by following the hundreds of identical signs to the bus terminal.

Unfortunately we got distracted by some kind of event at the main entrance and then saw some buses on the street in front of us. Turned out this meant we missed the sign that pointed us in the direction of the bus terminal. I guess with having that many signs we stopped reading them and when the arrow moved we missed it. But 10 minutes later after not finding the 306 bus we asked a bloke who pointed us in the direction of the bus terminal.

Once there we asked the information desk people who pointed us to gate 6. Our bus was ready and waiting for us there so we hopped on.

A short journey later, over the expressway past the harbour, the bus dropped us to the door of our hotel. The stop was even named after our hotel which made things very easy indeed. I guess when your hotel has over 1,000 rooms and is 36 storeys tall it’s easy enough to tell when you’ve arrived anyway.

The stats

13:45 walk from Hana Hostel Hiroshima to Hiroshima Station: 5 minutes

14:09 shinkansen to Hakata Station (Fukuoka): 1 hour 2 minutes, ¥18,300 (£137.49)

15:20 bus to Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk:  minutes, ¥460 (£3.46), 23 minutes

Arrived 15:43

Total time in transit: 1 hour 30 minutes

Total travel time: 1 hour 58 minutes

Total cost: £140.95 (£70.48 each)


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