Jinju Jeju Journey

Tl;dr – ghost checkout, hop to the nextdoor intercity bus terminal, bus, simpler walk, monorail, no food in the terminal, scenic flight, better bus, nice downhill walk

We wanted to checkout to get our bus and so we walked down to reception. We found no staff so knocked on various doors and windows to no avail. We shouted for attention but still nothing. There was no visible key deposit box so after a few minutes we just left the key on the reception desk.

We knew our way to the bus station, mostly because it was next door, and we got our tickets with very little barging (perhaps partly due to the fact that no-one else was waiting). We got on our bus that was waiting there for us and this time we could pop our bags underneath. The bus was another rickety, hot, stuffy bus but it helped not being squished by our bags.

Once into Busan we knew where we were going, which was good because there were no useful visible signs. We got to the monorail station and jumped on. The raised track gave us some pretty good views of Busan.

A mere 3 stops later we were at Busan’s international airport ready to check in. We were flying with Jeju Air, one of Korea’s many budget airlines. They have chosen their company colour to be Easyjet orange. But unlike Easyjet you can check in a bag for free, which was a first for us.

I had picked up some pizza bread in the bus station but Kate had decided to wait to get something at the airport. We were in the domestic terminal and the food choices seemed minimal so we thought perhaps the bulk were through security. Through security there was a coffee shop and a souvenir fish cake shop selling cold fish cakes. I got a coffee and Kate wanted an orange juice and a cream cheese bagel, both of which had sold out. So it was cold fishcakes, which funnily enough Kate didn’t fancy. A bit later, once the hunger had really set in, we we went back to the coffee shop to see if they had any other options and we noticed a basket had appeared near the till with scones. So Kate got a cranberry scone (which was nice) and a sweetcirn scone (which was not nice) and a tea with whipped cream (which was sacrilege). Belly still rumbling we boarded our flight.

The flight was lovely. We skirted the southern coastline before circling Jeju to land. The views across the sea and across Jeju were very nice.

Once on the ground we found the tourist info booth who were very helpful and gave us 3 informative booklets before directing us to the #600 bus. We were staying in the south of Jeju-do (the island of Jeju) and the airport was in the north, near Jeju-si (the city of Jeju) so we had a fairly long bus ride. Thankfully the bus was new and had bags of legroom and no barging occured whatsoever!

After touring the many resorts in the south of the island we came up to our stop in the main city in the south, Saegwipo-si, where we were staying. We got off at a major tourist hotel, that we were advised was our nearest stop, and walked the 5 minutes down a very steep hill to our hostel. It was nice with gravity on our side but it was the only time on this island that the hills were kind to us…

The stats

10:45 walk from Goodstay Eden Motel, Jinju to Jinju Bus Station: 1 minute

10:50 bus to Busan Seobu Bus Station: ₩15,000 (£10.89), 1 hour 23 minutes

12:23 walk to Sansang Light Rail Station:  10 minutes

12:33 monorail to Gimhae Airport: ₩2,600 (£1.89), 10 minutes

14:30 flight to Jeju: ₩102,000 (£74.02), 1 hour 5 minutes (5 minutes delay)

16:00 bus to Seogwipu: ₩11,000 (£7.98), 1 hour 10 minutes

17:10 walk to Jeju Hiking Inn: 5 minutes

Arrived 17:15

Total time in transit: 4 hours 4 minutes

Total travel time: 6 hours 30 minutes

Total cost: £94.78 (£47.39 each)


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