Leaving Jeju To Do Some Seoul Searching

Tl;dr – uphill walk, bus, flight, metro, walk

Our journey to Seoul began with two sets of very sore legs climbing the incredibly steep hill we had been delighted to stroll down on our way in. The bus stop had a lady in a little ticket office who we bought our tickets off and within 10 minutes our bus had arrived. We set off back up the island past the world cup stadium.

One super smooth bus journey later we arrived at our airport. After checking in and watching Bertha and Max clear security we ate our pizza leftovers and  headed through security ourselves. We have been at the furthest possible gate for a few of our flights now and it is becoming a rather annoying trend. We were delighted to discover we were boarding at gate 1A, but after walking through the entire terminal to reach our gate, we realised airports hate us.

We got our flight with no problems and landed on time into Seoul Gimpo. We picked up our bags and went to find the metro. We had 2 options – line 6 and line 4 or airport express and line 4. After our experience with the many variations of speed and price fron Tokyo airport we figured the airport express would be the pricier option. Turns out Seoul has adopted a far simpler approach to airport travel and it would have been the same price and quicker but hey ho, we got there. The only slight oddity with the Seoul metro is that every ticket has a ₩500 deposit attached which you reclaim at the end of every journey.

We surfaced to street level and set off toward our hostel to go have a nap and rest our weary cramping legs.

The stats

10:00 walk from Jeju Hiking Inn to New Kyungnam Hotel bus stop: 8 minutes

10:17 bus to Jeju International Airport: ₩11,000 (£7.98), 1 hour 5 minutes

13:05 flight to Seoul Gimpo: ₩60,000 (£43.54), 1 hour 10 minutes

14:45 metro to Hansung University: ₩3,300 (£2.39), 56 minutes

15:41 walk to B&J Guesthouse: 7 minutes

Arrived 15:48

Total time in transit: 3 hours 26 minutes

Total travel time: 5 hours 48 minutes

Total cost: £53.91 (£26.96 each)


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