Bora Bora Bora Boracay


Population: 28,369

Currency: Philippine Peso (PHP)

100 PHP = £1.70 . £1 = 58.9 PHP

Time Zone: GMT +8 (7 hours ahead of UK summer time)

17th – 21st Oct

The first thing we did in Boracay was enjoy our free welcome drink at our home for the next four nights. Once gulped down it was time for bed for the epic journey we had endured had tired us out somewhat.

Our next day we ate breakfast in the hostel before heading straight to the beach. One of the many perks of staying at Frendz Resort is that they have a link with one of the beachside restaurants so you can order drinks or food to your room use their loungers. As we got to the beach we realised this place was something special!

We went for a dip and the water was perfect! Clear, not too cold, not too salty, no visible man-eating creatures. Back on the loungers we got chatting to a couple on the beach that were also staying at Frendz. We shared some beers before they went to explore the island and we went to grab a late lunch from the restaurant.

After lunch we walked the 10m back to the beach and stayed there most of the afternoon. It was so nice after our previous day to chill out. It was also nice to have some really good weather after all of our typhoons!

Once we were done with the beach we ventured along the island to a shopping district called D mall. We looked at some souvenir shops and scoped out our dinner options. We eventually settled on a place called Epic to enjoy the sunset.

We met back up with our new friends at Frendz after food. The hostel has a bar area that plays a variety of music all day and is a nice little spot to grab a drink under the wooden canope.

We chatted away, drank beer and played uno. Later on we walked up the alleyway to a little roadside shack to drink local rum and play beer pong. We then moved on towards the beach to try out a couple of bars on the beachfront to have a dance, including one with a full live band.

The next day was slow to start. We walked along the beach to get food and on our way back found our new friends sleeping on the beach loungers. We joined them before heading to the sea for another dip. The weather was beginning to get a bit windy (because we couldn’t come somewhere like this without at least one typhoon) and the waves were getting fairly big, which turned out to be an effective way of livening us up.
After all the beach fun we had a nap. It had all been too exhausting. We also needed to be fresh for the evening as every Wednesday Frendz puts on a live music and free pasta night for their guests.

We found our new friends once more and joined them to await our free pasta. The live band were one of Philippines many many cover bands and they weren’t too bad!

After our pasta we started playing “Jumbling Blocks” – a Jenga rip off with slightly uneven blocks. As we were hitting our Jumbling Blocks stride the singers swapped and we had a very enthusiastic chap called Armand TJ who sang stupidly catchy songs about his homeland. He was well into it and he jumped on the table and destroyed our Jenga, I mean Jumbling Blocks tower. Gutted…

He was good fun though. He got everone involved and made sure all countries represented at the pasta night got a shout out.

Good to see the Wales flag flying proud

As other hostel guests started to filter out to bars and pubs, all four of us called it a night after our previous nights enjoyment. But not before a beautiful group selfie.

That night the rain had come and gone and in the morning of day 4 the epic puddles were a sign of just how much water had fallen. The torrential downpours seemed to have stopped so we went out to run some errands. Boracay has one main road that runs the length of the island. This road is serviced by an almost endless supply of tricycle taxis (think motorbikes with big sidecars). We needee the post office and jumped in the first one that stopped. They’re tiny, not built for us westerners.

When we got out we walked under a giant post office sign but saw no obvious post office. We asked a local who told us it moved to the other end of the island. Back to a tricycle! We asked for the post office and the guy just pointed at the 15 foot high post office sign we were stood underneath and was about to set off but a local chirped in and told him it had moved. One epic tricycle round trip later and our errands were complete. All for the princely sum of 200 pesos.

Our next task was lunch so we just headed in the direction of the beach and the mall where there are a million and one choices. The weather was dull so rather than the beach we wondered to the other side of the island, through tiny alleyways and over waterpipes.

The east side of the island is the destination for most tours so the beach was littered with boats and nowhere near as pretty as the other side. We ventured back through some gigantic puddles, some of which were ankle deep with dark brown water and you didn’t know what you were stepping on.

With the rain persisting I decided it was time I got the old barnet trimmed. We found a hair salon/nail place and when I asked for a haircut they didn’t seem to know what that was. But the lady who was busy doing a manicure subbed another lady in and sat me down for my haircut. It cost me 200 pesos (just over £3) and I even got a head massage at the end. It was only a day or two later I discovered it was the worst haircut of my life…

After that fun it was time for tea. We had walked past a steakhouse a few times on the beach and the tricycle guy had said it was the best steak on the island so we tried it out. I had a fillet steak and it was fantastic.

We had a wonder up and down the beach before heading back to the hostel for a couple of beers. They were playing an entire Eminem album and it was not quite the ambience we wanted. I asked the hostel guy if we could have something else and he handed me his iPod and said I was the DJ and it was much better.

Our final morning had lovely weather once more which was a shame because we were leaving at midday. We paid our bill, had one last breakfast and grabbed some drinks and snacks from the market before it was time to spread our wings once more.

The hostel

Frendz has apparently been the hostel to stay at on Boracay for quite some time and it’s easy to see why. The room was fantastic (and was cleaned every day), the staff are incredible and call you by name, the bar is a cool place to hangout especially on free pasta night and it’s a 3 minute hungover stumble to the beach. They make everything so easy for you and treat you like lifelong friends (hence the name). Hands down the best hostel we’ve stayed at!


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