Baby We Were Borneo To Run Away To Singapore

Tl;dr – taxi, flight, skytrain, long queue, metro, early arrival

Our taxi was booked for 07:00. Having seen the traffic build-ups around Kuching we didn’t want to take any chances. The traffic however was non-existent and although we could check-in we couldn’t go through passport control because it didn’t open until 08:00.

Once we were through we saw a sign that told us exactly where we would find our gate, having consistently been at the farthest gate.

Lo and behold we were indeed gate 9, but at least Kuching’s international terminal is tiny. One gripe I did have with the airport is that for some reason, rather than having one big security checkpoint, Kuching has a small one at each gate. So once through security you are stuck in a big holding pen with no shops and no drinks. We were only there for a short time though and soon enough we were on our plane.

Thankfully our flight was short and, thanks to the bright paint job, a very smooth flight indeed.

We landed in Terminal 1 of Singapore’s gigantic Changi Airport. We cleared customs and grabbed Bertha off the belt and then got screened on the way out. We chucked everything through the scanner, got asked if we had pepper spray, said no and then went on our way.

We found food and liquid sustenance before finding the inter-terminal monorail to T2 in order to get the metro to our flat. We needed to get tourist metro passes and these had a separate counter with a huge snaking queue. Whilst Kate stayed with the bags it took me the best part of half an hour to get to the front, and I didn’t help the waiting times by asking the only member of staff for 5 passes which all needed activating individually. But I got them all, 2 for Kate and I, 3 for my family who we would be meeting soon.

We were informed by the almighty Google Maps that our journey would take 90 minutes so I informed my Dad when we got on our first metro so he could meet us at Bukit Panjang, the nearest station to our accomodation.

To get the train from Changi you can only travel two stops before you have to change onto a different train on the same line. After that we had one more change at Bugis before we were on our way to the end of the line. We did the whole journey in just over 60 minutes. This would have been great news had we not arranged to meet my Dad at the station. It was supposedly a 4 minute walk from the metro station to the flat so I thought we could make it. At the foot of a big shopping mall with no obvious route to the flats above, we gave up, downed bags and waited. A short while later my Dad showed up and showed us the way up to the flat where my Brother and Sister-In-Law were staying along with the rest of us.

The stats

07:01 taxi from Threehouse to Kuching Airport: 26 RM (£5.12), 22 minutes

09:53 (3 minute delay) flight to Singapore: 359 RM (£70.69), 1 hour 25 minutes (3 minute delay)

13:27 metro to Bukit Panjang: Included with unlimited 3 day pass, 1 hour 3 minutes

14:30 walk/wait/walk to Tennery: 20 minutes

Arrived 14:50 (GMT +8)

Total time in transit: 3 hours 10 minutes

Total travel time: 7 hours 49 minutes

Total cost: £75.81 (£37.91 each)


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