Singapore to Melbourne

Tl;dr – taxi, T1 to T2 to T1 to T2, overnight flight, taxi

Because we were all flying out of Singapore at roughly the same time, my Dad, David, Alicia, Kate and I all got a big taxi van together to the airport. Despite Singapore charging hefty taxes if you want a car, there was no shortage of cars on the road considering the time.

We were flying out of seperate terminals so we were dropped off at terminal 1 and Kate and I got the Skytrain to terminal 2 to check-in (at the farthest counter of course) before heading back to T1 to meet up the rest of the crew. It turned out that T2 was much newer and arguably better so we went back there with my Dad (David & Alicia were happy staying in KFC).

Once we had said our final goodbyes we set off through security and customs. I went to get some water for our 8 hour flight but Changi Airport has adopted the same process as other airports we had encountered whereby you can’t get drinks for your flight because they put another security checkpoint at the gate.

We had been assigned two seats right at the back. Due to the shape of the plane we had a row of 2 rather than 3 and little cubby for our stuff by the window, which meant I could swing my legs round and get a decent amount of sleep. Thanks Scoot.

At Melbourne we were a bit scared. We have both watched a lot of the programme “Nothing To Declare” which shows the many idiots that fail to declare entire suitcases of food, so we declared everything. Despite this, we were still nervous we would fall foul of the many restrictions Australia has on bringing anything into their country. Because we had hiked in Borneo we had to declare that and our packet of peanuts. When the bloke asked us about our declarations we said we’d washed our shoes and that was that. Turns out some people do get into Australia, despite what that show would have you believe.

Our next task was getting to our Airbnb (well 2nd, after trying out the famous Melbourne coffee). Our options were $38 of Skybus and navigating our way around the metro system or $60 of taxi. The choice was made based on the need to nap and we zoomed our way to our bed.

The stats

20:55 (GMT +8) taxi from The Tennery to Singapore Changi Airport: 16 SGD (for our share) (£9.25), 36 minutes

00:46 +1 (6 minute delay) flight to Melbourne: 488.28 SGD (£282.24), 6 hours 50 minutes (39 minutes early)

12:13 +1 (GMT+11) taxi to Punt Road, Richmond: 65.20 AUD (£40.09), 31 minutes

Arrived: 12:44 +1 (GMT+11)

Total time in transit: 7 hours 57 minutes

Total travel time: 12 hours 49 minutes

Total cost: £331.58 (£165.79 each)


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