Melbourne to Christchurch

Tl;dr – walk, metro, aggressive ticket machine, pink Skybus, non-budget flight, lift

Our walk to Richmond station had become very familiar by now but this time would be our last. Our time in Australia was brief (I’m sure there aren’t many Britons that pop to Australia for 4 nights) but we had decided to focus our attentions to New Zealand having both spent some time in Australia before.

Being two stops from the humungous Southern Cross Station meant there were plenty of trains heading there and so we didn’t have to wait long until we were whisked away.

At the other end we had to ask for the direction of the Skybus and walk the length of the station, which took a while. We found the ticket office and saw a big snaking queue but some automated ticket machines with none. We put in our request and paid. After a tense couple of seconds where nothing happened the machine spat out two tickets at an insane velocity that meant I had to catch them before they flew out the door. A bit like a much tamer version of when Harry Potter’s Hogwarts letters fly out of the chimney.

Our pink chariot was awaiting and took us straight to the airport.

At the airport we got our bags checked in (we both had checked baggage, one of the many perks of flying with a national airline) and headed through security. We were flying with China Airlines, not to be confused with Air China or China Southern. You see China Airlines are based in the Republic Of China, or Taiwan and our flight had started in Taipei before making a pitstop in Melbourne before winging its way to Christchurch.

On the flight we had food (I had picked a veggie one for Kate this time), blankets, pillows, movies, music, games etc but the most enertaining bit was towards the end of the flight, getting our first view of the incredible New Zealand scenery.

Once on the ground we cleared security, just. Kate managed to accidentally declare she had been recently imprisoned and had to carefully explain that one. But once New Zealand were satisfied we’d cleaned our shoes since the rainforest we were allowed in.

We were met at the airport by Kate’s high school friend, Callum, and his wife, Danielle, who had kindly offered to pick us up. We were going out for dinner that evening but our first stop was to drop our bags at our next hostel.

The stats

10:04 (GMT +11) walk from Punt Street to Richmond Station: 6 minutes

10:15 metro to Southern Cross Station: 7.80 A$ (£4.79), 10 minutes

10:43 bus to Melbourne Airport: 38 A$ (£23.31), 24 minutes

13:03 (7 minutes early) flight to Christchurch: 404.50 A$ (£248.16), 3 hours 5 minutes (22 minutes early)

19:04 (GMT+13) lift to Old Countryhouse Hostel: 23 minutes

Arrived: 19:27 (GMT+13)

Total time in transit: 4 hours 8 minutes

Total travel time: 7 hours 23 minutes

Total cost: £276.26 (£137.13 each)


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