End Of Road Trip #2


Distance Travelled: 154 km

Total Road Trip Distance: 1280 km

23rd Nov

From Hayes Common we set off to get to Auckland. We had heard horrendous stories of the traffic in Auckland but because we couldn’t go to Hobbiton we had bags of time. We hoped we would have time to drop all our stuff in the hostel before driving back towards the airport but were ready to change tack if traffic was too bad.

Thankfully traffic was a dream and we had hours of spare time by the time we got to our hostel. We checked-in, dropped all of our stuff off and headed back south towards the airport. I had rung Mr Eddie in the rental office in Auckland as I had been asked and he had informed me we needed to bring back the camper by 16:35. When I enquired why the time was so specific he informed me that if he says 16:30 people show up at 5 or 6 but if he gives a specific time people tend to be on time. Well we were early, so it worked this time I guess.

Eddie was great! I gather he covers a few rental companies or he owns his own as he was very keen on informing us it wasn’t his company and made a few deprecating jokes about our rental company. He asked if we had any problems with it and signed off our sheet to say there was no damage without even setting eyes on it. He then told us how to get back to Auckland (turns out Uber is cheaper than the airport bus) and we bid Eddie and our beautiful motorhome a fond farewell.


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