Bye George(town), We’re Off To Langkawi

Tl;dr – evil taxi company (no beef with the driver though), boat with a film, no legit taxis, legit taxi obtained

We asked the hostel about getting a taxi to the ferry terminal which they booked for us as a flat fare taxi. Turned out it was through Uber… So much for the boycott. But the driver was great and he got us there in plenty of time.

We marched through the terminal and sat down only to stand up immediately to get onto our ferry. We sat downstairs in our seats across the aisle from each other (which was a bit annoying as there were plenty of spare seats) and set sail. Kate didn’t fancy a cheese omelette now she was bouncing around on the sea but it came with wedges which were seemingly ok. I helped her out with the omelette.

During our crossing the TV in front of us showed a safety demonstration before showing us the Kevin Spacey film Nine Lives. An odd choice but vaguely enjoyable.

We arrived into Langkawi and we walked through the terminal with people offering us taxis left, right and centre. We had been forewarned about these diddlers so we sternly told them no and walked through to a taxi rank. There was a taxi information booth the other side of the road so we crossed to find it empty. Next to it was tourist information who told us to go to the taxi information. When we told them it was empty they went to investigate and there was a lady in there. Not sure where she was hiding because her office was a tube big enough for one small person.

We asked for a taxi and named our hostel and we were quoted a price and pointed to the rank. She looked over and realised the taxi rank was devoid of taxis, so she went to investigate. It turned out the taxis were trying to avoid the rank in order to pick up an unfairly raised fare from the main road bit. So this taxi lady stood at the rank entrance and directed these reluctant taxi drivers to come and accept an honest fare.

When our driver turned up he seemed nice enough and he told us it would take around 30 minutes to our guesthouse. This was a flat-out lie. 29 minutes later we were at the door.

The stats

13:20 (GMT +8) taxi from The Frame Guesthouse to Langkawi Ferry Terminal: 5.50 MYR (£0.99), 7 minutes

14:00 ferry to Kuah Jetty, Langkawi: 140 MYR (£25.09), 2 hours 46 minutes

17:06 taxi to Zackry’s Guesthouse: 30 MYR (£5.38), 29 minutes

Arrived 17:35 (GMT +8)

Total time in transit: 3 hours 22 minutes

Total travel time: 4 hours 15 minutes

Total cost: £31.46 (£15.73 each)


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