Langkawi to Koh Lipe

Tl;dr – taxi, seating area tour, ferry, longboat, wet legs, super pretty international border, muddy walk

We woke bright and early, well, early at least. Our 7:30 taxi turned up three minutes early, as if it wasn’t early enough, and we were sharing it with another couple who were going to the same jetty. She was on crutches and he seemed unable to do up his shirt buttons at all. Two terrible problems.

We got to the ferry terminal complex with plenty of time. We followed the signs to the jetty but saw nothing for Koh Lipe. I asked a chap who pointed us back the way we came and up a small flight of stairs to the private charter firm we were sailing with. We checked in at the desk, handed over our passports and filled in our Thai immigration cards. We received our passports back a few minutes later and sat in the waiting room for ages with the same generic music loop playing over the boat firm’s highlight reel, slowly driving us nuts. I had ten minutes of relief when I went to get drinks and muffins but Kate hasn’t been the same since!

After this we were directed downstairs and asked to wait. We then found ourselves in the main ferry terminal concourse next to the massage chairs. We had a few ringgits left so I had a go. It was odd but pleasant.

We were then moved on to our third seating area. The distance between all three areas must have been around 50m and all seemed a little pointless. The last seating area was easily the worst of the three, especially as the seat I picked was broken. I therefore had a quick wander to see the big Langkawi eagle.

We were eventually called through immigration and once through we walked through a fourth seating area but unfortunately were unable to use this one. We had to hand in our passports once more, this time to be collected in Koh Lipe.

After being asked if we had passports and tickets two or three times by three different people, with everyone looking rather bemused after we’d already given in our passports and had our tickets ripped, we set off.

Our journey was alright, the water wasn’t the calmest but the boat was a sturdy sea maiden and transported us to our final destination like a majestic narwhale. No film though.

We looked out of our window expecting to see a beautiful jetty that would allow us to stroll to our next hostel. What we saw was the sea, a lot of it. There was some land way out in the distance  but we were definitely not next to it. A wooden longtail boat turned up on the left side and another on the right. We were directed towards them and pointed in the direction of the violently bobbing wooden hull below. Bags were thrown on first, then babies and then us.

After that drama we were excited to pull up to the jetty. We got closer to the beach before stopping just before. Turns out Koh Lipe has no jetty, just a shipping beach. We were therefore directed towards the sea. So with our sturdy flip flops on and our bags held aloft we climbed down from the boat into the sea, which was up to our waists. Some of the smaller passengers were in much deeper. It was a short stroll to the actual beach from the sea and we found ourselves at a beautiful beach that also doubled up as an international ferry terminal and Thai border.

Koh Lipe international ferry terminal

We found the lady who provided us with our passports and we handed these and our immigration cards to a chap in an air conditioned shack on the beach. We got our second round of Thailand stamps and we were in.

We were offered a taxi (a motorbike with wooden pallet sidecar for passengers and luggage) which we refused as we were a 5-10 minute walk from the beach. We set off in the right compass direction (Google Maps had very little road detail for this island) and found ourselves confronted by multiple mucky puddles that needed walking through. We got pretty filthy.

Thankfully the walking time was as predicted and they had an assortment of hoses outside the hotel for us to wash down our muddy, sandy, seawater ridden feet before we checked in.

The stats

7:29 (GMT +8) taxi from Zackry Guesthouse to Langkawi Point Ferry Jetty: 15 MYR (for our share, £2.69), 28 minutes

9:45 ferry to Koh Lipe: 210 MYR (£37.63), 2 hours 8 minutes

11:12 (GMT +7) longboat to the beach: Included, 9 minutes

11:46 walk to A+ Hotel: 8 minutes

Arrived: 11:54 (GMT +7)

Total time in transit: 2 hours 53 minutes

Total travel time: 4 hours 35 minutes

Total cost: £40.32 (£20.16 each)


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