Making It In (To) Hollywood

We started our great American vacation in Leeds, as with most of our recent trips. We got a taxi to the train station and choo-chooed our way down to Gatwick via Kings Cross and Victoria. The journey ran relatively smoothly until a signal fault at the stop right before Gatwick. This meant we missed the hotel shuttle bus we were aiming for and had to endure a German bloke (who thought we were Canadian) ensuring us that his people carrier was a perfectly legitimate method of getting to our hotel at 11:30 at night. The next shuttle bus showed up and he admitted defeat.

We had a night at the airport Travelodge before heading back on the shuttle bus to whence we came. We checked in nice and early to try and get good seats. We couldn’t check-in our bags in the self-service bit because one was too large and one was too heavy, but they got whisked off on their respective conveyor belts and we loaded up on M&S sandwiches for the 10 hour flight.

The flight was one of the more eventful I’ve been on. After 15 flights on our last big trip without it happening, a few hours in to the flight they asked for any doctors onboard to make themselves known. At the beginning of the flight they had requested no nut products be consumed due to a passenger with a severe peanut allergy and I feared the worst. On walking to the back of the plane I discovered it was in fact an unfortunate young lady with terrible tummy pain.

After myself and another doctor on board examined her and found her to be entirely stable, we then spent the next hour or so rooting through the plane’s medical box, rifling through drug packets written in Norwegian and liaising with the medical agency on the ground as to what was best to do for her and her pain. And assuring her that she couldn’t get off the flight whilst we were over the Atlantic. The captain showed up at one point to see if we needed to land in Canada but in the end another doctor with a personal stash of super strong painkillers turned up and she seemed to settle.

I also got the high score on the trivia game. No biggy.

On landing I downloaded a new (to me) ridesharing app called Lyft. Apparently you can’t exist in LA without that or Uber and since Uber is banned from our lives indedinitely we had one option. It worked fine and we were charged exactly what we were told we would pay and everyone was a winner.

We checked in to our Airbnb in a block of flats in Hollywood. They had written out how to find a few local amenities including a restaurant so we headed there. Unfortunately the one they’d picked only does lunch and closes at 3. So at 8pm we wondered around some semi-dodgy LA streets before finding a lovely cosy taco bar called La Carmencita, with seats made of tyres and shoes on the wall

With our bellys filled and jet lag beginning to win we headed back to our flat and went straight to sleep.


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