My First (And Hopefully Last) Kale Smoothie

Today we went to Griffith Park, home of the Hollywood sign. Fuelled by some giant plates of waffles we headed up Beachwood Canyon to be greeted by our first overcast view of Hollywood’s big icon. Thankfully, as we climbed up the windy residential streets, we found ourselves almost directly underneath the world’s most famous real estate billboard.

We had a route planned around the hills of Griffith Park to the Griffith Observatory and suddenly it got sunny (and we got some good burn lines). As our trail veered around the many valleys below it was difficult to remember we were within the city boundaries of America’s 2nd most densely populated city.

We made it round to the observatory and had a snack break. The views across LA from the top would’ve been immense on a clear day but unfortunately the haze was still present. We had a mosey around inside the observatory and watched a tesla coil and a big time-telling pendulum but were a bit too worn out to be learning about physics. 

We carried ourselves back down the hill to a pharmacy to get after sun (thank you Americans for filling it with lidocaine). We were pushed in front of by a nasty lady who requested that we observe the queue that she had just decided to form only after we had gotten to the till before her. Having seemingly dealt with this lady previously the shop assistant directed us to a second till to serve us at the same time. He however took our money last to ensure nasty lady was out of earshot when he apologised for her grouchiness.

We then went to get ourselves into the LA spirit by getting a kale smoothie. Despite the pairing of the kale with spinach, celery, cucumber and lemon, it still just tasted like a wet, blended salad. But I drank it all like a big boy and now I’m really hungry.


One thought on “My First (And Hopefully Last) Kale Smoothie

  1. Thankyou for the blogs Mike! Great to hear how it’s going. Good to get a special mention too šŸ˜€.
    Very proud of you, going to the rescue on the plane. Xxx


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