Kate and I are in America. After devoting way too much time and effort to this blog last year, around Asia and NZ, I thought I’d try again but be a bit more concise. Rather than cataloging every travel day and destination in minute detail I will write when I can and hopefully I won’t feel quite so resentful and leave 8 half-written drafts unfinished until 5 months (and counting) after they happened.

We had decided we wanted to go on a road trip up (or down) the west coast of the US a long time ago however, due to various reasons, we didn’t cement any plans nor book anything until about 3 or 4 weeks ago. So this is pretty fresh and pretty exciting!

Our route will start and finish in LA. We have a week in LA before getting our rental car and driving out to Vegas and the Grand Canyon. We then turn around and head back up through California’s national parks and central Oregon before hitting up Sasquatch Festival in Washington. From there we have a week in Vancouver with the Lanes’ for Janet’s (Kate’s Mum) 60th. All this is booked and fairly rigid but from there we are yet to book any of our journey south. We will head to Seattle and drive down the coast to a few places before hopefully spending a good while in San Francisco. Then we need to head back to LA to hand back our motor and fly back to the UK.

Some spots we’re hoping to see on the trip north

So here’s hoping for another successful trip!


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