What Happens In Vegas, Is Right Here In This Blog

To get from LA to Vegas we had to get to the airport to pick up our wheels! We got a Lyft from a great guy who was well into noughties pop-punk and we reminisced all the way to the airport.

Turns out that Dollar is not a popular car rental company. Everyone in the queue seemed upset and everyone behind the counter seemed super bummed to be there. Nevertheless we got it sorted and headed out to the parking lot to find our car. The way it works, in LA at least, is that you are given your category and you go pick whichever car you want from it. We had gone compact and we had a tiny Hyundai or a tinier Hyundai. We picked the marginally larger one and set off.

Because we had booked some campsites for our trip we stopped in a small town called Barstow between LA and Vegas to hit up the Walmart and get our camping supplies. We got a 6 person tent for $59 and browsed the shelves for the rest of our supplies but, like Mother Hubbard’s kitchen, the shelves were bare. Turned out they were moving to another site and depleting their stock. So we got what we could and headed off to Vegas!

We were staying in the Hard Rock Hotel which was off the strip but not much. We got there late and we stayed 2 nights and we left.

Maybe it really does stay in Vegas…


The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is a huge complex of rooms, pools, shops, restaurants, live music spaces and a casino with ladies swinging from the ceiling. All it lacked was an all-you-can-eat buffet. So we got one elsewhere. But it turns out drinking in a pool in the desert is a lot of fun.

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