Grand Canyon Rocks

After having lots of cultured fun in Vegas we headed in the direction of Arizona. Our destination was a small town called Seligman where we were camping. Because of our visit to Old Mother Hubbard’s Walmart we needed to go again to get ourselves more camping supplies and some food and drink.

Our next stop was the slightly more fun Hoover Dam. As America’s biggest dam it turned out it was pretty bloody big. We drove across it to see the lake that was created behind it. Turns out when you’re on it you don’t get the best views though.

They built a bridge just in front of the dam in 2005-2010 because the dam used to be the main route across the Colorado river and it didn’t work very well. This freeway bridge now works very well as a viewing platform for the dam too.

After the dam we arrived at our campsite in a small town called Seligman. It is considered the home of the famous Route 66 and there are a number of cafés and gift shops to remind you. Unfortunately, after they built a great big freeway half a mile south, it’s lost a lot of passing trade.

We pulled up to our campsite, put up our tent and and set up our new stove ready for some mac n cheese. Unfortunately we forgot to get gas. Nowhere around us seemed to sell it either so we had to go to the pizza joint next door and share an 18″ pizza instead (plus chicken wings for me and cheesy fries for Kate). Got myself a photo with Elvis too!

Our reason for being in Seligman was to get ourselves within easy driving distance of the Grand Canyon. We unsuccessfully tried to book a pitch within the park and there’s not much else round there so we ended up a 1.5 hour drive away. 

Once we got going in the morning we got ourselves to the ram packed parking lots of the Grand Canyon South Rim. After circling all 4 car parks twice, a guy informed us he was heading off so we nabbed his space, ate our leftover pizza and headed off to see what all the fuss is about.

Now I don’t normally like any amount of arrogance (and in that respect I think we probably picked the wrong country…) I don’t like it from individuals, or companies, or sports teams but I especially detest it coming from geological phenomena. So I wanted to see for myself why this canyon decided it was so grand. 

It turns out it is rather grand.

We spent the day gawping and walking along the Rim Trail stopping every 5 minutes to look at the next awesome view. We ventured down the Angel Trail a tiny bit which takes you down into the canyon but were not keen on the 12 mile round trip so swiftly turned ourselves around.

That evening, after having purchased some propane from the Grand Canyon market, we made some top quality mac n cheese and headed back to the bar next door for some well earned beers.

The next morning we packed up our tent and pointed ourselves in the direction of our next stop bur before we left Seligman we had to visit the Snow Cap Diner. Famous for its lighthearted attitude and practical jokes it was built from the ground up with scrap timber and a great dollop of fun. It is still owned by the same family and they hold on dearly to their traditions. Placing your order is like swimming through Christmas cracker jokes and the amount of trinkets on the walls and in the yards is unreal, but it’s good fun and pretty tasty. Just make sure you ask for the mustard and don’t use the wrong knob!


 As Arizona is largely desert we figured it would be lovely weather to camp. Unfortunately, Seligman is 5000 feet above sea level. This meant the temperature went down to 2°C in the night and the icicles on our noses were rather unpleasant. The railroad next to us with 2 mile long trains going past throughout the night didn’t help our moods either.

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